Can you Continue Working if You are Retired?

Can you Continue Working if You are Retired?

Receiving a pension for retirement is compatible with any work for the pensioner’s own account but only if their total annual income does not exceed the minimum inter-professional salary. Visit to get quotes for a 2020 medicare supplement plan for retirement.

If you are wondering can you continue working once you are retired, then we must inform you that Yes! You can get Social Security retirement benefits and you can easily continue to work and also you get paid.

If you are a starter, do not work in your business:

Retirement is also compatible with owning a business, as long as it only does the functions inherent to the owner but does not work in it. That is, you can be a business owner and retired at the same time but not develop the business directly and personally. Otherwise, you must be registered with Social Security.

Retirement with paid work:

Collecting a pension for retirement and working as an employee can be combined when two requirements are met. On the one hand, the established retirement age has already been met, so early retirement is excluded. On the other hand, the pensioner must have contributed 100% to the corresponding regulatory base. This means that you have quoted the total of years that correspond to you. Once both conditions are fulfilled, you can work as an employee both full-time and part-time. This decision will affect the amount of the pension for retirement that is received which will be reduced to half the amount initially recognized. In any case, once the employment relationship is completed, the full payment will be reinstated. Companies will also have to meet certain requirements: during the last six months before hiring, they may not have had any unfair dismissal and, once compatibility has started, the company must maintain the same number of employees it had previously.

What if you are incapacitated?

Many disabled people want to remain active for different reasons, from the lack of sufficient resources to the compatibility of some activities with their health status. There are several degrees of disability. The partial permanent occurs when the sequel of disease produce a decrease in the normal performance for the profession that the worker had been performing that is not less than 33%, but it is not completely impossible to perform it.  The total permanent disqualifies the worker for the performance of all the tasks of his usual profession or the fundamental ones, but he can always dedicate himself to a different one.