Curing various type of chronic pains with/without medication:

Curing various type of chronic pains with/without medication:

As we all know lower back pain in the third age as well as in the young age, is a painful experience that can create a big problem for anyone thinking about future possibilities. Most of the people who are 60 years above are more prone to this joint and knee pain. The back can worsen the situation making it complete bed rest for a lifetime.  Two of the major causes of this issue among Elderly People are Stenosis and Osteoarthritis.

What Medication will help in reducing the side effects of back pain?


As it gets more severe it can also cause various side effects like fever, cough and cold, nausea etc. For all these side effects Acetaminophen is used as a general pain killer. Each and every medicine, on its label, shows that it has some amount of acetaminophen in it. But over dosage of this drug can also cause damages to the liver, so one should use it very carefully.

Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics:

Ibuprofen is NSAID which will help in decreasing the inflammation, pain, and illness. It can be taken by both means- with or without prescription. But it is dangerous to health if taken on a very frequent scale. If at all one has a thought on taking some anticoagulant medicines, it is always recommended to consult the doctor. Also, one should read the label on the medicine and then consume it accordingly.

How can one manage to reduce pain without any medication?

In all situation, one can be using a heating pad always and get relief from pain and muscle spasms. 20 to 30 minutes of massaging the area of injury with a heating pad can hugely relieve the pain. Every of 2 hours of heating and massage sessions is affordable. On the other hand, Ice having cooling properties can reduce inflammation and chronic pain. Tissue damaging will be prevented and will not harm the body. One can use an ice pack o simply make ice crush bag covering it with a towel. Applying this to the inflammation zones of the body will majorly reduce pain.Also, there should be a regular checkup with known doctors and physician who can guide you and save money which is spent on buying costly medicines for reducing pain and inflammation. So by these all tips of taking medication or without taking medications, one can help himself to reduce pain.